About us

STAUNCH MANUFACTURING PVT LTD, is Sri Lanka's first and only cricket bat manufacturer, launching with the vision of becoming the leading sports brand in the country. All Staunch cricket bats are made with the highest quality and authentic Australian- English Willow, custom made locally based on years of research and practice.

At STAUNCH it is our mission to not only make cricket bats but to make cricketers, and therefore all our products are made with the greatest care and precision to provide our customers with a competitive edge over the competition. We plan to eventually diversify into other sports and sporting accessories to provide the future generation of sportsman and sportswomen with the highest quality equipment. 


Vision Statement

Staunch Manufacturing’s vision is to become a global sports brand that carries the ideas of strength, commitment and focus in sports.  The company plans to achieve these core values through building awareness into the authenticity of our products and creating loyalty and partnerships among sportsmen and sportswomen who believe in our core values. Staunch Manufacturing’s long term vision is to become a global sports brand that manufactures sports equipment in Sri Lanka and exports all around the world in a sustainable and ethical manner. 

Core Values

Staunch Manufacturing has the three core values- Strength, Focus and Commitment.


The fortitude and toughness required to overcome adversity and outperform our rivals. 


The ability to not deviate from our vision and consistently provide our customers with the highest quality products. 


To honour our partnerships to both our customers and our ambassadors and to stay committed to our vision and core values. 


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